BR Standard Steam Locomotives

Special Offer - Volumes 1 to 5 of the BR Standard Steam Locomotives series

Vol.1. Background and The Pacifics

Paul Chancellor and Peter Gilbert present the Standards' design history together with the 66 locomotives in the popular Britannia, Duke and Clan classes.

Page size 212 x 272mm, Casebound. 184 pages, 151 illustrations including 17 in colour.

Vol.2. The 4-6-0 and 2-6-0 Classes

Five classes (three being updated versions of Stanier and Ivatt LMSR versions) totalling 452 engines were produced by Riddles' team. This book by John Walford details their full history

Size 214 x 276mm, 278 pages, 279 illustrations, 17 in colour

Vol.3. The Tank Engine Classes

230 standard tank engines of three types were built and author Paul Chancellor presents their full story.

Whether these engines hauled you reluctantly to school or you only came across them in preservation, the Cl.4's handsome curved tank sides will evoke many memories. Diagrams of each design are included.

Page size 212 x 272mm, 168 pages, 189 photographs including 16 in colour.

Vol.4. The 9F 2-10-0 Class

The powerful and very successful class 9F 2-10-0s were designed to reduce transit times of heavy coal and mineral trains. They soon put in sterling work on passenger turns too. 251 were built to a 45-year design life between 1954 and 1960 but it seems a shame that many were scrapped within a decade. Ten of the fleet were constructed to the Franco-Crosti design to improve efficiency and reduce coal consumption whilst other members received double chimneys and a Giesl ejector.

All enthusiasts will find this book a delight as the engines were allocated to more than 60 depots and worked nationwide. Full details of each engine's construction, allocation and use, modification and disposal are included. A chapter on preservation features the nine preserved 9Fs.

Size 212 x 272mm, casebound, 317 pages, 231 b/w and 16 colour illustrations, plus drawings showing detailed dimensions.

Vol.5. The End of an Era

This book represents the final stage in the Society's quest to present the complete story of British locomotive standardisation to culminate in the twelve BR Standard designs that totalled 999 engines.

This final publication covers a number of topics and using papers from the Mr. R. Bond and Mr. G. Dow collections the book asks whether the Standard project was required and what happened to it, how the locomotive works of the UK handled repairs and developments of various locomotive types including comparison of Standards with existing designs. There are sections on the naming policy adopted in regard to specifically Britannias, how the shed and shed code system had developed but in particular with reference to dealing with the Standard classes. A further lengthy section deals with Locomotive Performance and shows various comparisons with other locomotive types. More repair tables have been provided following feedback from earlier volumes and inevitably this book provides a list of amendments and correction to the previous four volumes.

In a major departure for the society this book features all colour photographs of Standard locomotives in traffic, many not seen in print before. This volume represents the comprehensive conclusion to the series and draws a line under many questions asked about the Standards.

Size 212 x 272mm, casebound, 208 pages, 147 (including the cover) illustrations, all in colour.

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