Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway

Railcars and Electric Stock

This is the eighteenth volume of ‘Locomotives of the London and North Eastern Railway‘, written and published by member of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society.
No less than nineteen books have been needed to cover this work which has been illustrated by over three thousand photographs.
Under a separate heading will be found a list of the main contributors but without the leadership of Eric Fry, the honorary editor of the series, publication could never have been considered.
In collating the work of all those who have been involved (including some contributions of his own), no less than thirty-six years have passed since work began on the project. Eric‘s dedication over so many years is all the more creditable when such valuable results, both for the modeller and the historian, are produced.
Although it is over forty years since the demise of the L.N.E.R., interest is still maintained in the locomotives of those days. Through ‘Locomotives of the L.N.E.R.‘, it will undoubtedly continue to flourish in the years ahead.
President of the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, 1986-89
Last update: January 2019